Our Approach

The Arts Education Partnership bulletin places the effects of an arts education in four categories: cognitive effects, effects on schooling outcomes, effects on personal development , as well as effects on social and civic skills . Other studies have also demonstrated the benefits of arts education for younger generations: creativity, flexibility, imagination, verbal expression, originality, ability to elaborate a constructed argument, awareness of oneself as a unique person, and openness to “the Other”… these are all intrinsic qualities developed through instruction in Art.

ART KIDS Paris helps your child to build his own original and creative identity . Read more about our concept...

You choose the role that you wan to have! Tours without the parents allow the kids to have quality exchanges and maximum interaction with our ART KIDS Sister). But the parents can join the tour to share a friendly family time!
In our coming events, you will find out if it's a family or a kids only moment. For our on demand activities the choice is yours!
However, parents play a leading role before and afterwards by conversing with their children when they come back home and especially by going back to the museum together!

And you are absolutely right! The ART KIDS Paris approach complements family visits: your experiences will be even richer! The children would be delighted to go back to the museum with you to show you their favorite artworks...
Find inspiration in our articles to introduce more art in your family everydaylife...

Whether your children are in nursery school, primary school or secondary school, ART KIDS Paris helps them develop a humanist culture (a skill the Ministry of Education endeavours to foster) and brings a complementary approach to history programmes, particularly with our historical themes.

And because we are convinced that art should be a joy, they can choose their favorite tour on demand according to their inclinations

The Art Kids Sisters and Brothers are guides, art educators or artists in charge of your child's activities. They are recruited through a rigorous process for their knowledges and their experience with children.
Trained in the ART KIDS Paris method, they will know how to bound with your children to share playfully and joyfully their passion with them!

Practical Informations

It’s easy! First, pick the event or the activity that you are interested in, then fill in the booking form online: we will confirm your reservation promptly!
Planned event or activity on demand? Your choice!

It depends on the activity! You will find this information in the description. If you don't find any activity for your child's age amongst our on demand activities, please contact us.

No it's not! We are in Paris, but also in Lyon where we provide birthdays, tours and events on demand. If you live in an other city and you want to plan an event, please let us know.

Our activities can be planned anytime when the museum where it takes place is open and available.
Our team is available every working day from 10 am to 6 pm to answer your calls, e-mails and repond to your bookings.

On Demand